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Discounts, special offers and last minute deals help your Galapagos Islands budget go further for a cheaper cruise or more luxury.

Galapagos Offers & Discounts

Our Galapagos selection of special discounts, last minute offers and cruise deals.  Check this page often for the latest savings and special offers for Galapagos cruises, hotels and tour packages.  
LAN have recently started Galapagos flights, so it may be worth contacting them to see if they are offering any Galapagos flight discounts or promotional fares on this new route.
We have not been notified recently of any current last-minute discounted Galapagos cruises, but keep an eye on this page as any good reductions or last minute deals will be posted here.  Bear in mind that the current economic climate is having an impact on Galapagos tourism, it is always worth asking for a discount as most agencies seem to be experiencing lower than usual demand for cruises and Galapagos hotels.
Galapagos cruise prices rarely include the National Park entrance fee of $100 or the control card fee of $10.  Look out for other omissions from special offer packages.  What appears an attractive discount cruise can turn out to be quite expensive if you have to add on flights, are charged for drinking water or must pay extra for excursions.  Tips and alcoholic drinks are almost never included in package deals. 
A discount on the National Park entrance fee might be available to holders of a valid visa with "empadronamiento" (this replaces the old censo) - enquire with your travel agent about the latest situation.
Galapagos flight prices are around $460 to $510 in the high season and $425 - $500 in the low season.  Remember to budget for flights to the islands if they are not included in the package and take this cost into account when comparing cruise deals or special offers.  Volunteers or those with an empadronamiento may get discounted flights - ask your travel agent or volunteer agency about any relevant offers.
Galapagos cruise boats vary in size and quality.  See our tips for choosing a Galapagos cruise boat to ensure that your special offer or budget cruise really is good value for money.   
It is worth noting that flight prices and the National Park entrance fee and control card are the same no matter how long you spend in the islands.  A 4 day cruise (really only 2 whole days and 2 half days) may be cheaper but is perhaps a false economy as you get so little time in the islands.  Most visitors wish they had been able to spend more time in Galapagos - it's probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I would recommend doing it properly with an 8 day cruise on the nicest boat you can afford.  
If you can only manage a four day cruise, you could consider a few days before or after in one or more of the Galapagos hotels to do some walking and day tours.  Those who suffer from seasickness might prefer to make their Galapagos experience land-based as far as possible and do some island hopping rather than a cruise.
Leaving it until the last minute to book your cruise can be a great saving - or it can lead to disappointment if there are no offers available even at full price, so don't leave it too late.  If you have plenty of time in Ecuador, you can shop around for a last minute deal.  If your Ecuador travel time is limited I would recommend booking your cruise before you arrive so as not to miss out.  Bear in mind that the starting days of cruises are fixed by the National Park, so don't expect to arrive in the islands and find a cruise starting the exact day you want.
The Galapagos weather and wildlife will make a big difference to your cruise experience, so see the Galapagos Climate Calendar and Wildlife Activity Notes pages before deciding when is best to visit the Galapagos islands.
Useful Spanish Vocabulary for finding discounts in the Galapagos Islands:
descuento: discount
oferta: offer
Galapagos Islands Discounts, Special Offers & Last Minute Deals
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