Wildlife Pictures
Wildlife pictures: 2 birds in flight, fighting
Wildlife - male birds fighting

Incredible wildlife: Photo of sealion in the Galapagos Islands, gambolling on the beach
Incredible wildlife photos are made easier in the Galapagos due to the unusually tame subjects such as this sealion

Sealion, part of the "tame" wildlife in the Galapagos Islands
Not so wildlife... Galapagos sealion looks at a tourist

Wildlife photo: wild Andean bear in Ecuador
Shyer wildlife such as this wild Andean bear are harder to get incredible photos of due to the distance they keep.

Butterfly wildlife image
Butterfly, picture taken in Mindo

Wildlife pictures: poison arrow frog
Poison Arrow Frog, photographed in Ecuador

Wildlife pictures: toad
Toad, common wildlife of
the humid Costa region

Green frog clinging to plant stem in Mindo
Frogs are part of the
abundant wildlife of Mindo

Wildlife education class for local community children
Wildlife education for
the local community is vital

Wildlife pictures: butterfly
Wildlife on the wing

Galapagos wildlife: penguin
The Galapagos wildlife,
such as this penguin,
has no fear of photographers.

Wildlife Photos of Ecuador:
wildlife photography is very
rewarding in Ecuador and
the rich biodiversity offers many opportunities for incredible wildlife photos.

Wildlife of Ecuador Photo Gallery

Wildlife pictures can't even hope to do justice to the astonishing range of animals, birds and insects in Ecuador.  The wildlife photography here in this small gallery is just a taster to inspire you to visit and take your own animal photos in this incredibly bio-diverse country.  Habitats in Ecuador range from dense tropical forests to the high paramo grasslands, so there is lots of variety.  The wildlife of mangrove swamps is very different to that found on snow-topped mountains, for example, and the wildlife of the rainforest is abundant and colourful.
Wildlife photography: deer in Ecuador
Wild white-tailed deer in Ecuador.  This wildlife photo was taken not far from Cotopaxi National Park
Wildlife photography is always a challenge requiring patience, perseverance and some luck, but the wildlife of Ecuador is so rewarding to photograph that the results are worth the wait.  Just give yourself enough time to get the images you want, remembering that dawn and dusk are often the best time to capture pictures of shy wildlife, so you may need to camp out, as the dedicated professional wildlife photographers often do.  Incredible wildlife photos are possible with a little patience.
Animals in pictures: giant Galapagos tortoise
Giant Galapagos Tortoise  
Animals in pictures are usually the slower, tamer or braver examples - the really wild wildlife is often difficult to see and even more difficult to photograph.  Some of the wildlife photos on this site were taken in the countryside under natural conditions, others with the assistance of hummingbird feeders or in areas where the animals are accustomed, if not to having their pictures taken, at least to the presence of humans.  The Galapagos Islands offer probably the best example in the world of wildlife which is genuinely fearless of humans, and this makes them a wonderful destination for wildlife photography.  
Wildlife photos: lizard
Lizards move fast by nature, so capturing them in a photo is not easy.
Much of the wildlife of Ecuador is endangered, due to habitat destruction and deforestation, and in some cases illegal hunting and the capture of wild animals for the pet trade.  Wildlife photographers can help by emphasising to local people how important it is for tourism (i.e. income) and for the environment that the habitat is conserved for the native wild animals and birds.  Many small NGOs in Ecuador, such as the Condor Park raptor rescue centre, play their part by educating local communities about the need for conservation of local habitats and the importance of not capturing of killing birds or animals.
Endangered wildlife of Ecuador: ocelot
It is rare to see some of the shy, endangered wildlife of Ecuador
such as the ocelot - this example was photographed at Quito Zoo.
Rare, endangered wildlife of Ecuador, such as the ocelot above, or the timid spectacled bears, is probably most easily seen at the excellent Quito Zoo.  The zoo focuses almost exclusively on animals native to Ecuador, so would-be wildlife photographers can get an idea of what's out there and an idea of the shapes and movements to look out for in the wild.  
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